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OEM service is form of outsourcing, the vendor does not make production directly, but applying its core technology on product designing, developing to control distribution channels. Product processing works is engaged by manufacturers like Rainbow company, thus the OEM service is also been named as production under vender’s brand or authorization.


Modern economic development has changed people’s view of simple competition; competition and cooperation have become two major driving forces of the modern enterprise development. Manufacturer can borrow the advantage of vendor’s product by OEM service to form its own advantage in competition, through which competition relation has changed to cooperation.


Among the world wide competitive economy activities, enterpriser has realized that product brand and distribution channel cover a very important role on product final value. Only those who win good reputation between end consumers can get more support from their marketing partners and make their products more popular in the market. OEM service can help vendors to combine its competitor’s advantage products into its own marketing channel and gain more consumers by adding its advantage on value added service.


OEM mode can lighten the burden of asset (such as: factories, equipment, office buildings and so on). It’s un-necessary to bear the risk of the equipment depreciation, factory building cost and production management expense. Venders can place order flexibly according to marketing demand, and improving operational ability and management level to reach a higher level of capital operation.


Whatever the vendor commits to manage its company, the ultimate aim is for profit. What else do you hesitate to face the OEM service that can gain profits directly?


Rainbow is the most reliable OEM for you
1、To ensure that customer's product technology and competitive advantage
Rainbow is a leading high-tech enterprise with strong technology research and development, supporting a complete first-class production equipment and production technology, to ensure that customers are fully capable of supporting the product features and technical content. And the high quality products can make customer satisfied and consumer confidence.
2、Shorten customer product time to market
Rainbow has extensive resources and experience in large-scale production, which can be rapidly carried out product research and development, production-manufacturing, to save customer cost of research and development. That’s why we can achieve to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in a shortest possible time. Rainbow commitment: customer benefit is of all, the shortest possible time delivery goods, meeting customer’s competitive Advantage demand.
3、To provide customers with complete solutions
Discovery and assessment to meet the consumer demand for a modern enterprise is one of the criteria of competitiveness, a single product can no longer meet the increasingly complex and growing consumer demand for personalization. Our rainbow complete solutions: under our own proprietary technology base, applying for the OEM production of complementary products, enabling customers to benefit from a comprehensive solution and first class service. We fully embody the principle of rational allocation of resources. In addition, OEM customers can conduct business more effectively by the limited allocation of internal resources, to save management cost and improving the effectiveness of the operation and management..

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